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Dr. Handley's Model for Police Officer Wellness at YRP

I believe every participant (33) who attended today's CPCA Webinar on "A Biopsychosocial Spiritual Approach to Police Wellness" was enriched by the wellness strategy that Dr. Kyle Handley and team have implemented at York Regional Police. Dr. Handley's presentation was exceptional. The combination of the presentation and the two handouts he has provided to each participant which includes the YRP Wellness Strategy Phase II 2020-2025, will be the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you, Dr. Handley, for sharing your expertise and encouraging chaplains from across Canada and abroad; we have much to chew on.

Thank you to our CPCA chaplains and chaplains across Canada and the US for attending the Webinar. It was a good precursor leading to our Annual Training Seminar in Winnipeg Oct 16-20. It's still not too late to register to attend this amazing event hosted by the Winnipeg Police Service. Here is the link for more information including the week syllabus, presenter BIOs, a promotional video and the Registration link

Thank you for supporting the CPCA - a national association that exists to provide training and connection for police chaplains across Canada, so that we can more effectively serve the men and women who protect and keep our communities safe.

Warmest regards,

BPS Constable/Chaplain Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

ICPC Director of Region 1

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