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What We Do

The CPCA provides training and encouragement for those who serve as chaplains to police officers and police services throughout Canada

Our Beginnings

In 1983 The Ontario Police Chaplain Association (OPCA) was formed.

In 1992 the OPCA became a national organization of police chaplains called the Canadian Police Chaplain Association.

The first CPCA Annual Training Seminar (ATS) was held at the Ontario Police College in Alymer, Ontario.

With the exceptions of 2020 & 2021 (due to COVID-19 restrictions), Annual Training Seminars have been held every year since the organization began providing police chaplain-focused training for Canadian chaplains. This training rotates between the three regions: Western, Central and Eastern. 

Police family in front of police car
Police chaplains
police accepting recognition
CPCA team members

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