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CPCA Challenge Coin

CPCA Challenge Coin Head.jpg
CPCA Challenge Coin Tail.jpg

  The history of the challenge coin dates back to WWI when personalized coins unique to each military unit were privately given by officials and soldiers to recognize bravery and achievements.

It is believed that the tradition of the creation and distribution of challenge coins within law enforcement agencies began when veterans transitioned from military to employment with police agencies.

 Today, many police agencies have created their own distinct challenge coin as a way to promote strong camaraderie within police units. Forensic, K9, TRU Units may have their own unique coins in addition to their agency coin. Coins are given as gifts or traded amongst police officers of different agencies.

Civilian challenge coins can be used in the same way to promote unity, boost morale, reward special achievements, or acknowledge a bond of friendship or appreciation towards an individual.

The CPCA created our own unique challenge coin which celebrates the CPCA on one side, and on the flip side, the police "serving those who serve with excellence." All of my police officer peers who have seen our coin have asked if they could purchase one. It's been my pleasure to gift them a coin. Consider the chaplaincy-based conversation that could take place between the chaplain gifting the coin and the police officer receiving the coin through this honoring gesture. 

The CPCA is offering these coins for purchase to the general public for the first time in hope that the coins will be gifted to First Responders across Canada and beyond, to show appreciation for those who serve our communities with integrity and bravery. At only $20.00/coin, order one for yourself and several to gift to those who protect and serve your community.  A shipping cost of $10.00 will be added whether you order one or many coins, so it's cost efficient to order several at one time.

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