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Canadian Police Chaplain Association  Constitution

Approved 2021-10 -23


The Canadian Police Chaplain Association (CPCA)



Section 1:

To serve those elected or appointed to serve as police chaplains of the several law enforcement agencies and associations in Canada.

Section 2:

To establish standards for police chaplain candidates in Canada and to ensure their maintenance and development.


Section 3:

To establish and staff seminars in Canada relating to chaplain training.


Section 4:

To encourage police authorities and associations to implement chaplaincy programs.


Section 5:

To establish and maintain a strong relationship with the International Conference of Police Chaplains for the promotion of police chaplaincy.


Section 6:

To support Regional Chapters that operate in accordance with the Constitution of the CPCA.


Section 1: Membership
Membership in the Canadian Police Chaplain Association is open to individuals who are persons in good standing who provide evidence of appointment as a chaplain by a Law Enforcement Agency through a letter from their police service/agency. Application shall be accompanied by a character reference or, if applicable by a letter of reference from the religious body of which the applicant is a recognized leader. 

Section 2: Liaison Officer
One employee of a police agency who is responsible for directing the agency's chaplaincy program may apply for membership with the same privileges as a chaplain member with the exception of voting or holding elected office. 


Section 3: Retired Chaplain
A chaplain who has been a member of the Canadian Police Chaplain Association for at least five years prior to retirement and who retired as a member in good standing may apply for continued membership with the same privileges and opportunities afforded to active members.

Section 4: Honorary Member

An individual who through meritorious service or special interest in the Canadian Police Chaplain Association may be awarded the status of honorary member as bestowed by the organization upon recommendation of the Executive.


Section 5: Affiliate Member
An individual who has an interest in and is supportive of the objectives of the Canadian Police Chaplain Association who desires to affiliate with the association may apply to become an affiliate member. The affiliate member shall have the general privileges afforded to regular members but shall not be eligible to vote or hold elected office. 

Section 6: Relocation

Chaplains who relocate outside the geographical region and no longer serve as an appointed chaplain may retain membership for five years beyond the current membership to afford time to re-establish appointment with another police service.


Section 1: Letter of Resignation
Membership in the Canadian Police Chaplain Association shall terminate when a letter of resignation is received by the secretary.


Section 2: Unpaid Dues

After two years of unpaid dues, the member’s name may be removed from the roster of members.


Section 3: Revocation for Cause
Membership may be revoked for cause that is likely to bring discredit to a police agency or the Canadian Police Chaplain Association. Action under this section will be taken by the Executive after having careful review of evidence delivered by another member or the police agency for which the member has served. The member whose membership is revoked under this section may appeal the action to the next Annual General Meeting.



Section 1: Annual Training Seminar
The Association shall hold an Annual Training Seminar. The purpose is to provide training, elect officers, conduct business and ensure continuation and growth. The Annual Training Seminar is scheduled between the first week after Thanksgiving up to the first full week before Remembrance Day.


Section 2: Officers
A president, first vice-president, second vice president, and secretary treasurer shall be elected every two years at the Annual Meeting. The president, first vice president and second vice president shall not be eligible to serve in their respective offices for more than two terms. The secretary treasurer may serve unlimited terms. The registrar shall be appointed by the Executive. These elected officers with the immediate past president and registrar shall form the Executive.


Section 3: Interim Vacancy
Should a vacancy in an office occur between annual meetings, the vacancy shall be filled by the next officer in rank succession. A president shall be replaced by the 1st vice-president and the 1st vice-president replaced by the 2nd vice- president. This is consistent with executive duties specified in Section 4: Duties of the Executive. The 2nd vice-president position will remain vacant until the next AGM when a vote will take place to elect a new 2nd vice-president. An election shall be held at the next Annual General Meeting to fill the unexpired term.


Section 4: Duties of the Executive



Shall direct the planning and activities of CPCA with the counsel and support of the Executive.


Shall preside over all meetings of the CPCA and shall call special meetings when required.


Shall appoint chairpersons of committees and where required appoint members to said committees.


Shall function as the official representative of the CPCA in activities of a public and promotional nature and report to the membership at the annual meeting.


Shall serve as the official liaison with law enforcement agencies and associations.


Shall serve as ex-officio member of all committees of the CPCA.


Shall take responsibility for recruiting and maintaining contact with police chaplains in Canada.


Immediate Past President

Shall provide continuity from their presidential term to the next Executive.

Shall provide guidance to the current president as requested.


Shall offer insight and wisdom on matters from past presidential experience as requested.


First Vice President


Shall assist the president in every way possible.


Should a vacancy occur in the office of president, the first vice president shall assume the responsibilities of president until the next election.


Shall perform any task requested by the president in achieving the goals of the CPCA.


Second Vice President


Shall assist the president and first vice president in every way possible.


Should a vacancy occur in the office of first vice president, the second vice president shall assume the responsibilities of the first vice president until the next election.


Secretary Treasurer


Shall provide oversight and safe keeping for all official documents and correspondence of the CPCA.


Shall record and keep the minutes of meetings of the CPCA including meetings of the Executive and the business sessions of the Annual Meetings.


Shall send all necessary notices, conduct correspondence with members, potential members, businesses and agencies which are involved in the functioning of the CPCA.


Shall provide a written report of the CPCA activities for presentation to the Annual meeting.


Shall handle the receipt and proper recording of all incoming monies, including dues, initiation fees and saleable items.

Shall pay all bills authorized by the Executive within the framework of the adopted budget, which includes writing of cheques and keeping of appropriate records.


Shall submit information to the Executive and membership to assist in planning for future budgets and current budget revisions.


Shall prepare appropriate financial reports and obtain an annual review of record; arrange for a review of financial statements when instructed by the Executive.




Shall keep records of all membership matters.


Shall send out annual notices for dues.


Shall receive dues and issue membership card.


Shall receive all applications for membership and forward them to the Executive for consideration.


Section 5: Nominating Committee


The CPCA Executive shall act as the nominating committee for executive positions for election at the Annual General Meeting



The Executive shall be responsible for providing leadership and developing programs necessary to carry out the objectives and aims of the CPCA.


The Executive shall establish such committees as may be deemed necessary to further the aims and objectives of the CPCA.


Section 1: Annual Dues

Annual dues shall be established by the Association at the Annual Meeting. The fiscal membership year will be January 1 through December 31st. Failure to pay said dues upon notice from the registrar shall result in said member being declared delinquent and shall be prohibited from participation or voting at any meeting of the Association.


Section 2: Unrenewed Dues

A member may be reinstated upon proper application to the registrar and such application shall be accompanied by payment of dues. Such reinstatement shall be subject to the approval of the Executive.




An Annual Meeting shall be held during the yearly training seminar.




Those members in good standing present at the Annual Meeting shall constitute a quorum.




This Constitution shall govern parliamentary procedures and Roberts Rules of Order shall be considered while conducting the parliamentary procedures.



The Constitution may be amended at any Annual Meeting by a vote of two thirds (2/3) of the members present and eligible to vote, provided notice of the proposed change has been sent to members at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.

"Serving those who serve with excellence"

For a printable version of our constitution click here.

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