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Annual Training Session Sponsorship Application

Purpose: The purpose of this sponsorship is to encourage attendance at the Annual Training Session by CPCA members that have not attended before.


Background: The sponsorship was approved during the 2013 Annual General Meeting of the CPCA. The sponsorship will provide for up to five (5) first-time Annual Training Session attendees.

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  1. Applicant has paid annual dues

  2. Applicant has not attended any prior Annual Training Sessions

  3. Sponsorship will cover the total Registration cost for the applicant (does not include transportation, accommodation, incidentals, or costs for spouse)

  4. Application must be received by the CPCA Registrar no later than thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the Annual Training Session

  5. All applications will be reviewed and adjudicated by the CPCA Executive

  6. Applicant will include a cover letter demonstrating need for funding

  7. If applicant has a Supervising Chaplain, application must be signed by Supervisor prior to submission

  8. A maximum of one applicant per province/territory will be awarded

English Application can be found here.

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