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Canadian Police Chaplain Association 
2023 Annual Training Seminar

Annual Training


As a result of a motion from the floor and a unanimous vote during our 2022 ATS, plans are underway with the Winnipeg Police Service to host a 2023 In-person ATS & AGM at The Fort Garry hotel in wonderful Winnipeg, MB. The theme of our ATS will be announced in the future. The dates are October 16 - 20, 2023. Once determined, the ATS Schedule, Topics/Presenters, and BIOs of the Presenters will appear below:


  • ATS Schedule can be found at this link

  • ATS Topics & Presenters can be found at this link

  • ATS Presenter BIOs can be found at this link

  • AGM 2022 Information Package can be found at this link


In the future you will be able to go to the "Events" page to RSVP and provide payment for this important event through the purchase of a ticket. Registration cost for a CPCA Member is $400.00; Registration for a non-CPCA (not paid in 2022) is $500.00. 

If you are flying to the ATS, upon booking your flight, please complete the Flight Times Booking Sheet and email it to our ATS Liaison at if you would like a CPCA Member to provide transportation from the airport at no charge. 

When booking at The Fort Garry, please request "Canadian Police Chaplain Association Block of Rooms." Room rates are _______/night. Please notify them if you have a vehicle and they will waive the parking fee, thus providing complimentary parking.  

Annual General


The draft Minutes of our CPCA Annual General Meeting held on October 27, 2022 are posted and will require approval at our 2023 AGM.


You can download the draft minutes by clicking here

Questions or comments can be made to the CPCA Executive through our Contact Us link on this website.

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