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Benefits of Becoming a CPCA Member

The Canadian Police Chaplain Association is a national association dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in training and support to police chaplains across Canada. Our goal is to equip police chaplains to serve police officers and their families in practical and spiritual ways. The CPCA recognizes the cultural and spiritual diversity amongst Canadian police officers, and therefore supports police chaplains from a diversity/inclusion perspective.              View a PDF Version here.

CPCA Team Members

These are some of the benefits of becoming a CPCA Member:

Marble Surface

Credibility with law enforcement agency administration


Opportunity to attain credentials with a national association focused on standardized training.

Conformation to an established Code of Ethics which ensures professionalism and excellence in performance of duties.

Community and Connection

Cultivation of a sense of belonging through mutual encouragement, support, and mentoring from senior police chaplains.


Access to contact information to link to experienced police chaplains to glean knowledge and assistance while facing unfamiliar circumstances.

Professional Development

Access to online training and courses that adhere to a national training standard.

National Seminar

Opportunity to meet in person with chaplains across Canada to build relationships, experience the culture of the host city, and receive certified training.

Frequent Online Chat Sessions

Opportunity to engage with other chaplains to share and receive prayer and support.

Access to Resources

Links to resource materials through the website.

Opportunities to Serve

Participation on committees as part of a national team providing direction on best practices and policy.


Recognition of challenges facing chaplains, strategies being implemented through diversification and inclusion, ways to remain relevant to police organizations and strategies to highlight the importance of police chaplaincy.

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