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Response to Online "Spiritual Diversity" Course

Our CPCA - PCAO Chapter President Charlie Swartwood recently completed the second online CPCA course offered to CPCA Members Only. CPCA Registrar Brian Krushel dedicated many hours to producing this course that will challenge you, especially if you haven't written an essay for awhile. I encourage you to enroll in this online course which you can complete on your own time. As shown in the photo, completion will this course will result in a CPCA Certificate. Here is the link to begin the course today

These are the comments of Chaplain Swartwood:

"I would like to recommend CPCA’s most recent online course - “The Spiritual Diversity in Police Chaplaincy” for the following reasons: First of all, this course will force you to think-through and articulate how you as a Chaplain would respond to people who are spiritually different than you. Secondly, this course will stretch you and equip you to be a better chaplain in a multi-Faith, multicultural and an ever- increasing secular society. For me, this course has given me another tool to add to my “Chaplain’s Duty Belt.”

Thank you Chaplain Krushel for your hard work on this project, and thank you Chaplain Swartwood for your endorsement.

Warmest regards

CPCA President Bruce Ewanyshyn

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