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Recap: CPCA 2022 ATS Niagara Falls

Forty-three police chaplains from across Canada came together in beautiful Niagara Falls for a week of training, networking, and fellowship. The excitement was tangible from the opening "meet & greet" on Monday, to the formal banquet Thursday evening.

We were honored by the presence of Niagara Regional Police Chief Bryan MacCulloch on Monday and Thursday; we were encouraged through his message shared during the banquet. I've attached his message below.

If you were unable to attend, please continue to read on to learn of the changes to your CPCA Leadership Team and for the plans moving forward in 2023. The Minutes from our AGM will be emailed to you by our Registrar. We missed all our valued Members of the CPCA who were unable to attend due to varies reasons.

2022-10-27 Canadian Association of Police Chaplains - Chief of Police Bryan MacCulloch -
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The mornings began with inspirational messages from Niagara Regional Chaplains Craig Danialson, Abd Alfatah Twakkal, and Carson Culp. Imam Twakkal's words on "Respecting" Wednesday morning, set the stage for a heartfelt testimony of courage and perseverance from OPP Constable Pete Tucker and his wife Michelle. Eight years ago, while leading a motorcade on a Harley, a goose flew into the face of Pete and the events that proceeded caused the severance of his left leg amongst many other serious injuries. Through the support of their friends and policing community, courage and perseverance, miracles and prayer, Pete is again serving the OPP, even to the point of being reinstated as a patrol officer responding to all types of calls for service.

NRPS Chaplain Jennifer Donnell and the ATS Planning Committee did an outstanding job of organizing and providing CPCA chaplains with top notch presenters throughout the week. Pictured here, Jennifer presents speaker NRPS Constable Jacob Smits with a gift following his presentation. Constable Smits survived a 30-meter plunge into the gorge after attempting to rescue an arrestee he had pursued on foot. Like Pete, Jacob is back to full operational duty.

Thursday morning, chaplains were treated to a presentation on a novel approach to PTSD entitled, "The Thinking Brain-Heart-Gut" by physician and researcher Dr. David W. Harper. To facilitate the profound connection between affirming/rejecting words and physical strength, Dr Harper used yours truly as a bit of a "guinea pig". The results were undeniable, and I learned something particularly valuable I can apply to my role as a police officer when facing a torrent of verbal abuse from a client. Dr Harper conducts brain mapping for those who may be experiencing the early onset of memory loss through dementia and provides leading edge solutions for reconnecting neural pathways. His practice is "Mosaic Lifecare" promoting longevity and vitality in Mississauga ON and can be found at

Throughout the week, CPCA 2nd VP Robert Parmenter manned the CPCA merchandise table and took photos. Thank you, Robert, for your dedicated service and for hauling all that merchandise from Fort Mac.

The Annual Geneal Meeting took place on Thursday afternoon. A ratification vote took place for the Secretary Treasurer position resulting in the unanimous appointment of RCMP "K" Division Chaplain Phil Sovdi as our new CPCA Secretary Treasurer. Phil had already been put to work prior to the vote to record the Minutes of the AGM which will appear on our website in the near future. Phil is pictured on the left in this photo. Special thanks to our past Secretary Treasurer John Tyrrell who served faithfully over seven years.

During the AGM, WPS Sgt/Chaplain John Siderius was acknowledged for his willingness to begin transitioning into the role of CPCA Registrar. After eight years of service, Brian Krushel is stepping down. John is on the right of this photo. Welcome John to our CPCA Executive.

The banquet provided an opportunity to honor two of our CPCA Leadership Team chaplains who were present and have recently relinquished their duties. I had the privilege of presenting our tokens of appreciation to former ATS Liaison Roxzena Hayden and Registrar Brian Krushel. It's an understatement to say they will be missed at our monthly Zoom meetings; their contributions over the years to the CPCA have been significant. Thank you Roxzena, Brian, and John Tyrrell for your years of commitment to the CPCA; we are thankful that you will continue to serve as active members of the CPCA.

On Friday, we concluded the ATS with a Memorial Service honoring the Canadian police officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives to protect their communities. The names of our heroes from November 2019 (our last Memorial Service) to present were read and honored. A benediction and prayers were offered, and an emotional testimony was shared by one of our chaplains who had a close relationship with a fallen officer.

A word of appreciation to all the spouses of the chaplains who attended. Your company in Niagara Falls made our time even more meaningful. A personal thank you to the ladies who kept my wife Sheryl company throughout the week; especially to Linda Sovdi for taking Sheryl on an adventure.

On behalf of the CPCA Leadership Team, I offer thanks to all the police chaplains who were able to attend the 2022 ATS. These training events occur because you have the desire to attend and unite for a week of enrichment through training and fellowship. During the AGM, a motion was presented for a 2023 ATS to take place in Winnipeg, MB. It was seconded, and following discussions, there was a unanimous vote in favor of a 2023 ATS. Thank you to WPS Inspector George Labossiere and Sgt John Siderius for all the planning you have done and will continue to do in order to make the CPCA ATS 2023 a reality. Special thanks also to ICPC VP Dr Paul Ellis for attending our 2022 ATS. Above is a photo of a portion of your past, present, and future CPCA Leadership Team.

Finally, below are some photos of our CPCA chaplains at the opening "Meet & Greet", banquet, Memorial Service, and so forth. Thanks be to God for making a way for this ATS and for all He did throughout the week. If you attended, your feedback is requested. Would you now take a moment to visit this website page and complete an ATS Evaluation Form

Thank you and God Bless,

Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

ICPC Director Region 1

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