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Prayer Request for Police Officer

Greg is a precious brother in our law enforcement community who has served with the Brandon PS since 1989. In Dec 2019, cancer sidelined Greg's policing career. Currently he is fighting his third battle against cancer while receiving radiation and chemo. He has undergone two prior operations between then and now. Greg has given me his blessing to share this photo taken yesterday and he welcomes others to pray believing with us for a miracle. One miracle has already taken place and that is the miracle of salvation. Upon his request, two weeks ago, I had the privilege of leading Greg in a prayer of salvation. In the midst of the joy of him saying yes to Jesus, I felt a beautiful presence of God fill the hospital room. Greg shared how he felt blanketed by comfort and peace. Afterwards, I shared with him that several people have been praying for him over the span of two years; God is faithful to answer our prayers. There is another prayer we are praying and that is for the Lord to heal Greg's body. A desire in his heart is to once again put on the uniform and protect the community of Brandon. As police chaplains, I ask that you would consider lifting Greg up in prayer believing for another miracle to take place. There are many officers and civilians in the Brandon PS family who would like to once again hear the sound of Greg's excited voice fill the lineup room. His sense of humor has brought much laughter to so many and he has always been a brother who is easy to love. Courtesy of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, I've been able to provide Greg with a NIV Bible uniquely packaged so that it’s appealing to peace officers. Ronald Mostrey, President of the FCPO, asked me to remind you that these books are available to police chaplains to give to peace officers free of charge through I am looking forward to more conversations with Greg regarding the goodness and unconditional love God has for this amazing man! 1 Chronicles 16:34 “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”

My sincerest appreciation extends to each police chaplain across our nation who continues to keep all police officers across Canada in prayer for safety and protection for them and their families, their hearts and minds, and for their marriages. Thank you for your ministry of presence.

Constable/Chaplain Bruce Ewanyshyn

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