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Police Officer Shot - A Call to Prayer

On Nov 1st, while processing a homicide suspect, an Estevan police officer was shot by the suspect. A second officer discharged his service firearm critically wounding the suspect. A media release from two days ago indicated that the police officer is in stable condition. For more details regarding the incident, please click on this link

As police chaplains, we know the the effectiveness of prayer. This is a life changing incident for all involved: the wounded officer, the secondary officer, all the staff both sworn and civilian at Estevan PS and their families, and the family and friends of the deceased. Please pray for all those who have been impacted. Also, let us not forget to pray for all those who are providing support to those affected by this critical incident.

To the wounded officer and their family, the second officer who prevented further loss of life, all the officers and civilian staff at Estevan PS and their families, the thoughts and prayers of the CPCA police chaplains and CPCA Leadership Team are with you as you battle through the trauma of this incident.

Warmest regards,

BPS Chaplain/Constable Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

ICPC Director of Region 1

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