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Inspiration from Ukraine Police Chaplains

In the midst of a war that has brought a multitude of deaths, lodging losses, food and fuel shortages, Ukraine Patrol Police Chaplains are teaming together with the police officers they serve to bring hope to the next generation.

I read this testimony from recently appointed Ukraine Police Chaplain Julie Nazarets, and sat in awe pondering the magnitude of their faith and desire to bring hope and share the love of God with people in their communities.

On Day 146 of the Russian invasion, Julie and several police chaplains accompanied police officers to the Mykhailiv Boarding School in the Poltava Region. In cooperation, the Chaplain Patrol and the Public Relations Department of the National Police of Ukraine, brought orphans sweets and toys, while police officers held classroom sessions on traffic safety. The children were very surprised to see and meet police officers bearing gifts while exhibiting love and compassion towards these orphan children. What a magnificent way to break down stereotypes and fear in the minds of the next generation of Ukrainian men and women. All this while a war is raging throughout this country - remarkable!

This story caused me to pause to assess what little I've been doing lately as a chaplain within my community. While still in that moment, I received a text from a fellow police officer asking if I'd accompany him to assist in bringing a message of love to commence the opening of the "Senior Games" in Brandon next week. Although this was a day off, I replied yes without hesitation motivated by our fellow police chaplains in Ukraine striving to survive in the midst of war while putting the needs of orphan children and residents within their communities above their own needs and safety.

If you have had a recent opportunity to serve your community in a special way as a police chaplain, please email me the details and photos so that I may share with the hope of inspiring other police chaplains, in a way similar to the inspiration I felt from reading of the acts of service by the Ukraine police chaplains and police officers.

Warmest regards,

Bruce Ewanyshyn - your CPCA President

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