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Honouring One of Our Own - Chaplain Chuck Congram

These are the words of Windsor PS Chief of Police Jason Bellaire (pictured above beside Chuck) recorded in the Windsor Star; “I’ve had very personal things that he has helped me with, and I’ll never be able to thank him enough,” said Bellaire. “I say that to a lot of people who leave this organization. When they retire, I’m happy they’re going because they earned the right to retire. But I’m sad to see him go. Sometimes we say everybody is replaceable, but I think Chuck is one of the exceptions.”

CPCA Member Chaplain Chuck Congram has served the women and men of the Windsor PS and their families for nearly four decades. Today, I received an email from Chuck informing me that he will be retiring from his position of chaplaincy with Windsor PS on January 15th, 2024. I met Chuck during my first year of police chaplaincy when I attended a CPCA ATS in Peterborough, ON in October 2015. My first impression of Chuck is that he carries much wisdom while being void of pride and arrogance. Decades of service with the RCMP and Windsor PS has molded this man so that when you listen to him speak, he commands respect and authority. The insight he has provided over many years to members of the CPCA reads like a book; not one full of exaggerated fish tales, but one that you want to keep turning the pages to read because each page contains nuggets of experience-based knowledge.

During a special in-house ceremony on December 19th, Chuck was honored by the Windsor PS and presented the Chief's Award of Excellence coin from Windsor Chief of Police Jason Bellaire. In the words of Chief Bellaire, Chuck is credited with establishing a legacy of chaplaincy at Windsor PS and developing the "Chaplain Corps." In fine Chuck fashion, he deflected attention away from himself, sending me an email informing me that Windsor PS has sworn in their first Muslim police chaplain, Hassan Rkie. As a side note, Chuck shared the news about his retirement. Congratulations to Hassan and welcome to police chaplaincy.

The Windsor Star published a story on Dec 18th honoring Chuck's four decades of chaplaincy service. Here is a link to that story:

On behalf of the CPCA Leadership Team, congratulations Chuck on 39 years of valued service to law enforcement communities. Thank you for being an active member of the CPCA for many years. I will share the words I sent to you earlier today; although you are officially retiring, knowing your heart, I'm sure there will be officers reaching out to you for years to come because they value that huge heart of yours, and the wisdom and compassion you walk in. All the best to you Chuck as you continue to be a blessing through the continuation of trusted friendships with Windsor PS officers and their families.

Warmest regards,

BPS Chaplain/Constable Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

ICPC Director of Region 1

(Chuck pictured with current Windsor PS Chief Bellaire and two retired Windsor PS police chiefs)

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Charles Swartwood
Charles Swartwood
2023년 12월 22일

Chuck has been an invaluable source of experience and wisdom especially to CPCA ON. We are indebted to Chuck as a person and a Chaplain.

Of special note, it was Chuck's vision for an integrated network of chaplains across Canada, that has been foundational for our CPCA as we now know it today.

God Bless You Chuck, my Friend!


Brian Krushel
Brian Krushel
2023년 12월 21일

Thanks for your long and faithful service, Chuck. Yes, you've helped many law enforcement members, but you have also helped many of us chaplains. You've been a great mentor and example, but most importantly, a trusted friend.

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