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Highlighting our CPCA 2nd VP Robert Parmenter

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

CPCA members are a diverse group of women and men ranging from faith leaders to police officers who volunteer their caregiving services to First Responders across Canada. Canadian First Responders are equally a diverse group so it only makes sense that your CPCA Executive would embrace personal diversity with a heartbeat for inclusion. Your 2nd Vice President Robert Parmenter is a man with a heart for service for persons from all walks of life whom he encounters through a career as a Funeral Director, an Ordained Minister, and a Volunteer Police Chaplain with the RCMP in Fort McMurray, AB.

I've attached a link to a recent article published by YMM Magazine entitled "Robert Parmenter's Service from the Heart." We are truly blessed to have Robert serving alongside us as our 2nd VP. He is only one of several special men and women who have amplified their busy lives by serving on your CPCA Leadership Team. Thank you Robert and Leadership Team for all you do.

I extend my appreciation towards all of our police chaplains who have renewed membership with the CPCA for 2022. Our desire is to grow our membership as we embrace inclusion and diversity in our pursuit to bring police chaplains the best training and networking possible as we continue to "serve those who serve with excellence." Thank you for placing value in the CPCA by being part of the our family of chaplains. I hope to see many of you on our first Webinar May 12. Please register soon at for "Grief Following Trauma" through this link.

Warmest regards - CPCA President Bruce Ewanyshyn

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