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Global News, CBC Radio and a local crime reporter show interest in police chaplaincy

Geena Mortfield, who works exclusively as the crime reporter for the Brandon Sun, contacted me regarding the donation of soft body armor from the Brandon PS to the Ukraine National Police. During a lengthy conversation, Geena expressed interest in police chaplaincy and how it has resulted in the donation of 28 protective vests to Ukrainian police officers. It was a refreshing conversation in which we found common ground - agreement that both media and police at times can be equally misunderstood and disliked by the public. Geena indicated after she read the FB and Twitter releases regarding the donation from Brandon PS, she wanted to write a story for the Sun to celebrate a feel positive story. Here is a link to the Brandon PS FB release Brandon Police Service | Facebook

That was the beginning of the week. By Friday, I had been interviewed by CBC Radio and the Global News. The video interview with Global News provided me an opportunity to express how the donation of the protective vests was only made possible through police chaplaincy. This donation of vests that may protect a life of a police officer from gunfire is one practical example of police chaplaincy meeting a physical need of a police agency. It's not everyday that we can show Canadians the value of police chaplaincy. I realize this has been a huge blessing from God to be a part of the process - He is the one who brought all the connections together including providing an organization in Calgary who are covering the shipping and significant Customs costs.

As chaplains, we know we are valued by a police officer whom we've had the privilege of advising one on one during a personal crisis. However, chaplaincy is under immense scrutiny on a National level; therefore, when an opportunity presents itself, there is value to showing some prowess on the political front. We want police chaplaincy to exist decades from now and in order for that to happen we need to be transparent, relatable, reliable, and relevant. Here is a link to the 4 minute Global News story:

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