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TPS Chaplain Wendell Gibbs & the Toronto Prayer Walk

I was flooded with emotions of thanksgiving as I watched a video recorded April 11th narrated by TPS Chaplain Wendell Gibbs describing a Prayer Walk that took place in all 16 Divisions of the Toronto Police Service. Faith leaders from across Toronto joined hands with police officers of different ethnic and faith backgrounds to pray simultaneously in all 16 Divisions across TO for peace and unity and reconciliation.

I remembered sharing a meal with Wendell and his wife during our CPCA ATS 2022 in Niagara Falls and hearing the passion in Wendell's voice as he shared with my wife and I his plans to initiate a city wide Interfaith Prayer Walk joining spiritual leaders from multifaith backgrounds with police officers to walk and pray together in all 16 Divisions on a single day. Wendell pursued that vision and with the favor he has generated with police through years of serving officers, God blessed the vision and it took flight on April 11th.

Wendell has faithfully committed to prayer walks for years in 23 Division, walking and praying through Etobicoke with Black faith leaders and Toronto Police Neighborhood Officers. The Prayer Walk is an extension of the Etobicoke Strategy led by Revs. Carmen Lewis and Andrew King and has taken place for 20 years.

Wendell shared the purpose of the Prayer Walk in this statement to the media: “We have a city, nation and world that is experiencing unrest,” he said. “We want the faith community that has probably the most possibility of sharing what it means to be peaceful, forgiving, gracious and loving group to help build that bridge. By walking hand in hand with law enforcement, we want to show that humanity needs to get back to a place of togetherness, tolerance, patience and unity.”

Please take a few minutes to read the article posted on the Toronto Police Service website entitled "Community Joins in Prayer Walk." The post also contains the video I mentioned narrated by Wendell. Here is the link to the post. When I read what some of our very own CPCA chaplains are accomplishing across Canada, I am inspired and filled with hope witnessing that all things are possible with God. Faith leaders praying with police officers in an entire city is a testimony to what chaplains can accomplish when they are relevant, reliable, and relatable year after year in their service to police officers. Wendell and many other CPCA Members serve police and their families selflessly, not for recognition or reward, but with the hope that through faith they will bring peace and the witness of unconditional love to the officers they serve. The antidote to the trauma police officers experience daily is love and peace extended from the community they serve. Who is better equipped to provide the antidote than community faith leaders.

Thank you Wendell and all our CPCA brothers and sisters for the service you have and continue to provide to the police officers and families you serve.

Chaplain/Constable Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

ICPC Director of Region 1




Speaking of visionaries, our CPCA-ON Region Director Charles Swartwood is once again teaming up with YRP Chaplain Capt. Greg Bailey to host the 2nd Annual Professional Development Day on May 15th. This is an in-person gathering at the York Regional Police Wellness Bureau, 2nd Floor, YRPA Building, 63 Eric T Smith Way, Aurora, ON. Registration cost for this 6 hour enrichment day is only $40.00/person. Here is a brief breakdown of the schedule:

  • 0900—Arrival & registration

  • 1000—Welcome (Capt. Bailey)

  • Land acknowledgement

  • Moment of silence for fallen officers

  • 1015-1020—Official Greetings from D/Chief Cecile Hammond & Dr Kyle Handley

  • 1020—Devotional (CPCA ON Region Director Swartwood)

  • 1040-1200—Journey Through PTSD (PC) 

  • 1200-1250—Lunch

  • 1250—Introduction of speaker Imam Abd’ Alfatah Twakkal

  • 1300—Enhancing Our Chaplaincy: Developing Connections with Others Through Understanding Emotional Intelligence

  • 1400-1445—Round Table discussion of the above

  • 1500—end of program, with participant certificates and take-away

For more details and how to register for the 2nd Annual Professional Development Day on May 15th, please contact CPCA-ON Region Director Charles Swartwood at

All reports I received last year indicated this was an outstanding day of training and connection; this year will be bigger and better. Thank you Charles and Greg and all your Team that make up the CPCA-ON Region for organizing and hosting this enrichment day.

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