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CPCA Chaplains Honored by Police Agencies

Belleville Police Service honors Chaplain Brad Beale by naming the patrol meeting room as the Padre Brad Beale Wellness Room

Here is story to encourage every police chaplain in Canada who may be emotionally struggling to prove their value and worth to a police administrator. It takes time to develop rapport with superior officers but eventually the ministry of presence will become a witness that demonstrates the degree of emotional and spiritual care chaplains provide to police officers, police staff, police administrators, and their families. Are you serving a police agency with relevance, reliability, and relatability? I can assure you that Belleville PS Chaplain Brad Beale has been consistent in his dedicated service to this agency. In less than five years, Brad's service has resulted in the patrol meeting room being dedicated as the Padre Brad Beale Wellness Room.

The real impact and source of encouragement for all chaplains' rests in the story behind the dedication. In an article published by Quinte News dated Mar 28, 2024, author John Spitters wrote that, "Belleville’s Police Chief had misgivings about appointing a Chaplain for the police service when the move was made in 2019. Mike Callaghan told the Police Services Advisory Board Thursday that having a dedicated Chaplain at the Ottawa Police Service did not work." Less than five years later, Chief Callaghan congratulated Chaplain Beale and dedicated their patrol meeting room in Chaplain Beale's name. Reporter John Spitters wrote, "... in Belleville, the appointment of Padre Brad Beale to provide spiritual guidance to often stressed officers has been a huge success."

It takes a special woman or man to serve in the capacity of a chaplain who earns the love and respect of an entire police agency. Brad accomplished this in less than five years, and it is because he serves from an abundant heart of love and respect for law enforcement officers. If you serve from a heart of selflessness, humility and love having no expectations and are not undergirded by self-promotion, you will provide meaningful service to those you care for. Brad is a reminder that all things are possible with God, and it is God who changes hearts and minds regardless of the degree of preconceived notions and experiences held by those whom you serve. So take heart that even though today you may face opposition in chaplaincy, stay true to your calling while taking Chaplain Beale's words to heart, "… to remind the officers that there’s a whole number of us in the community that completely and totally stand behind you folks and support what you’re doing and have some understanding of what you’re doing and to know that you’re loved, you know, just simply that you’re loved." I read his words and I see his faith alive and active and a living practical application of 1 Corinthians 13:13, "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

Thank you, Brad, for your service of excellence to the women and men of the Belleville PS and for inspiring me and many other chaplains across Canada. We are blessed to have you as an active member of the CPCA. We are "Stronger Together."

Warmest regards,

Chaplain/Constable Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

ICPC Director of Region 1

Brandon Police Service awards Chaplain/Constable Bruce Ewanyshyn for efforts to bring protective body armor to Ukraine

In a ceremony on Apr 9th, Brandon Police Chief Randy Lewis and Deputy Police Chief Greg Hebert congratulated Chaplain Ewanyshyn for his dedication to ensuring the successful gifting of 28 body armor vests to police officers of the National Police Service of Ukraine. The process took over a year due to several unforeseen challenges, one being a new reclassification of protective body vests as "arms" which required a special license and documentation.

On the Favorable Notice certificate awarded to Chaplain Ewanyshyn, Chief Randy Lewis credits connections through chaplaincy as paving the way to the successful donation of the protective body armor. Chief Lewis wrote, "Once received in the Ukraine; however, concern surrounding the vests and international corruption became apparent. If not for Cst. EWANYSHYN’s perseverance and rapport with the National Police of Ukraine Head Chaplains, who ensured the proper authority and confirmed the donation was legal, the vests may never have been accepted."

There were several organizations utilized to make the donation a reality and the success was dependent upon teamwork and trust of persons acquainted only through phone conversations. Chaplain Ewanyshyn experienced a few sleepless nights through the process when it appeared things may go sideways; however, he also experienced the faithfulness and provision of God who answered prayers over and over again. It took a team to make this donation a reality and that team included Ukraine chaplains such as Yaroslav Malko and Pavlo Tsarevskyi. Chief Lewis wrote, " Though the year long journey to make this idea a reality was not without obstacles, Cst. EWANYSHYN never once waivered on the quest. Finally, and successfully, on October 11th, 2023, the gently used vests were delivered into the hands of the National Police of Ukraine."

The inspirational message to all Canadian police chaplains from this story is that the concept of donating the vests to Ukraine police officers hit a roadblock at its inception at the police level. What appeared impossible for police became possible through chaplaincy. This is another example of how chaplains can provide practical service to a police agency. While we rightfully focus on providing daily emotional and spiritual care to the officers and families we serve, God may open doors to chaplains to provide additional ways to serve "those who serve with excellence." To those of us who serve in police chaplaincy, we acknowledge it is an honor and privilege and a blessing from God.

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