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First Responders Appreciation BBQ's - Cochrane, Toronto, Peel & Durham

On September 16th, police chaplains in Cochrane, Toronto, Peel and Durham Regions hosted appreciation BBQ's for First Responders and their families. The photos included in this post were sent to me by our CPCA Registrar/ K Division RCMP Chaplain Hillar Alkok. Although Hillar has only been activated as the police chaplain for the RCMP in Cochrane, AB for less than a year, he took what worked at TPS during his many years of service there, and brought it to Cochrane. Hillar organized the Alberta First Responders Appreciation BBQ and is building relationships with the men and women who serve in that area since relocating from TO. What better way to connect with First Responders than provide food coupled with ice cream for the kids. It's exciting to hear about the ways our CPCA Members serve police and First Responders across Canada.

These are the encouraging words Hillar shared regarding the event: "Yesterday we held our first ever 1st Responder Appreciation BBQ in Cochrane. Everyone who participated agreed that it was a success. I even sat with one RCMP officer who told me about the great chaplain in Fort McMurray when he was stationed there, by the name of Robert Parmenter. We also invited families of the 1st Responders so MacKay's Ice Cream included some nice gifts for the kids along with specially packaged ice cream. Everyone made it clear that they were already waiting for next year's event...including the 1st Responders!"

Let's continue to encourage one another by sending me stories I can post regarding ways you are serving police in your community. Thank you for "serving those who serve with excellence."

Warmest regards,

Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

ICPC Director of Region 1

Just a reminder that our ATS in Winnipeg is less than a month away. Please check out the information we have available on our website including a promotional video from the Winnipeg PS. This opportunity to connect and receive training is available not only to CPCA Members, but also to those wanting to serve as police chaplains in the future.

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