Here is another wonderful article authored by our CPCA 1st VP George Madden. The CPCA is full of amazing men and women who carry the love of God in their hearts which becomes so apparent through their spoken and written words, and through their acts of service. I've been asked by my management team more than once, "where does your support come from?" In my dual role as police officer and chaplain, I am pleased to report that one source comes from chaplains within the CPCA, especially those I interact with on a regular basis; namely, the CPCA Leadership Team. I am thankful to receive articles like this one that speak to my heart both as a cop and as a chaplain. Never underestimate the affects of your smile, greeting, or hallway conversations that you offer up to the police officers you serve. YOU make a difference!! Enjoy this article from George. Blessings and warmest regards from your CPCA President Bruce Ewanyshyn.

Encouragement by RCMP Chaplain Coordinator George Madden with CPCA logo
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