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CPS Chief's Award of Excellence - Miriam Mollering

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

On October 26, 2023, Calgary PS Head Chaplain Miriam Mollering was presented the Chief's Award of Excellence. The Chief's Awards represent extraordinary acts by an individual and is one of the highest forms of recognition at the Calgary Police Service. On behalf of the CPCA Leadership Team, congratulations Miriam on receipt of this prestigious award.

These are the words spoken by A/RSM Matt Gow on behalf of Calgary PS Chief of Police Mark Neufeld, delivered at a ceremony to honor Chaplain Miriam Mollering:

"Chaplain Miriam Mollering has become a well-known name across the Service since first joining us in 2014. During her many years supporting our members, she has left a remarkable impact on so many of us.

At that time, when she first joined the CPS, there was heavy skepticism from officers about this “new” Chaplaincy program and Miriam worked diligently to build lasting relationships and trust with members. It can be said with confidence that without her continued efforts the program would not have been able to grow to the extent it has without her trailblazing work.

During times of low morale and leadership challenges, she has brought stability and a wealth of experience as both a counsellor and pastor."

"Chaplain Mollering has been a constant presence in various districts and areas of the Service. She attends parades, conducts countless ride-alongs, and meets with members one-on-one and in social group settings. Her constant drive to support our members, whatever the circumstance, in their call to duty has undoubtedly made our place of work a better place to be."

"Working with such a large organization understandably means encountering various spiritual and religious beliefs. Chaplain Mollering approaches her duties in a manner that is entirely inclusive and from a non-denominational perspective, with members speaking highly of her ability to support them with both work and personal challenges.

In addition to her official duties, she also assists with communication between senior leadership and the Chaplains, develops chaplain training courses and works with various diverse communities within and outside of the Service."

"Beyond her duties as Lead Chaplain, Miriam is a mainstay for officiating funerals for current and retired CPS members. In 2022, she volunteered 525.5 tracked hours and undoubtedly hundreds more preparing for events or communicating outside of volunteer time with members. In 2021, she committed just over 600 hours of volunteering during the pandemic which made being present in Districts more challenging. She used other means to connect with members and ensure the Chaplaincy program remained relevant."

"Today we recognize Chaplain Miriam Mollering and her outstanding contributions with the Chief’s Award of Excellence. Chaplain Miriam Mollering, please step forward."

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