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CPCA - Supporting Police Chaplains in Ukraine Spiritually & Practically

I shared with the CPCA Membership in a post on May 20th, that the CPCA Executive unanimously agreed to send a one-time donation to Ukraine to aid police chaplains. The $500.00 donation was one of three that were sent to Ukraine Police Chaplaincy Founder Yaroslav Malko for distribution as per their greatest needs. A second donation of $500.00 came from my police union - the Brandon Police Association. The third donation of $500.00 was a private donation.

I'm excited to report to you that the funds have been distributed. The funds from the CPCA were split to cover two needs. The first need was to provide fuel for police chaplain vehicles being used to assist civilian evacuees alongside police to relocate persons from rocket strike areas. There are also daily fuel costs incurred by chaplains as they meet with and minister to police officers. The second need was for shoulder flashes for chaplains to distinguish them from others as they serve with boots on the ground. Most of us serving Canadian police agencies are provided with uniforms or jackets or some sort of apparel paid by the agency we serve. In Ukraine, any gear worn by chaplains is purchased by the chaplains' themselves. They do not have a budget; in fact, police officers are required to purchase their own uniforms. Which brings me to share how the donations made by the BPA and the private donor were distributed.

These two donations were used to purchase boots and uniforms for police officers. The police are fighting the war, coming alongside military personal in efforts to protect communities they have sworn to serve and protect. I am grateful that we were able to contribute even in a small way. I know there are many CPCA chaplains praying for the people of Ukraine on a regular basis; I'm also thankful to be part of a National Association that recognizes the value of providing practical assistance. I think of the scripture that pertains to the practical side of ministry from Matthew 25:43, "I was a stranger and you did not take me in, I was naked and you did not clothe Me."

Much thanks to the CPCA and the BPA for the donations, and to Yaroslav Malko and Pavlo Tsarevsky for their leadership and commitment to police chaplaincy in Ukraine. Our prayers are with you.

Warmest regards,

Bruce Ewanyshyn CPCA President & ICPC Director of Region 1.

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