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CPCA Sept Webinar - Intro to Critical Incident Debriefings

The CPCA announces its second training Webinar taking place through Zoom on September 13th commencing at 10 AM Edmonton Time.

Presenter RCMP Corporal Jocelyn Cardinal is a 20 year member of the RCMP currently assigned as the K Division Peer Coordinator of the K Division Wellness Unit in Edmonton, AB.

Below is an attached BIO of our presenter Cpl. Jocelyn Cardinal and a brief summary of her upcoming presentation - an "Introduction to Critical Incident Debriefing".

There is a cost to attending this CPCA Certificate training event with a 50% discount given to CPCA members in good standing. CPCA members who participate will receive 1 credit towards their training record under the subject category of Police Community/Family. This training is open to non-CPCA members who will also receive a CPCA Certificate upon completion of the three hour webinar.

For details of this Webinar, and/or to register, please click on this link. Thank you CPCA 1st Vice President George Madden for arranging this Webinar and selecting our presenter. I hope to see many chaplains Sept 13th on Zoom - warmest regards from CPCA President Bruce Ewanyshyn.

Jocelyn Cardinal Professional Bio and Webinar
Download PDF • 62KB

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