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CPCA - ON Region: Professional Development Day

One of the many aspects I appreciate about being a Member of the CPCA is having connections with men and women of vision because iron sharpens iron. When I look at these photos, I see 22 leaders of exceptional character. When I read the summary of the gathering authored by CPCA ON Regional Director Charlie Swartwood (below), I see a hunger to be the best servants possible to the police officers within their sphere of influence. When I listened to the excitement in the voice of Peel Co-Ordinator of Chaplaincy & Spiritual Supports Chaplain Curtis Hinds while he relayed the events of the day back to me over the phone, my heart beat faster and the joy within me was unmistakable.

The theme of our ATS in Winnipeg this October is "Stronger Together" and as reports indicate from the CPCA Ontario Region, this rings true as an anthem over our national Association. As your President, I am inspired by what is happening across our Nation through each serving chaplain. As a police officer who knows what it's like to wrestle with issues of trauma in the face of violence, I'm encouraged by our CPCA chaplains who bring forth tangible hope through the commitment of presence; a presence that often speaks louder than words. Police officers understand the costs of dedication so there is no minimalizing the value of even an hour long visit on regular intervals with the officers in your area. Thank you and God bless you for all you do. I hope to see many of you at our upcoming webinar on "Moral Injury" on May 18th. Check out this link for more information and let's spend some virtual time together led by Dr Smith-MacDonald, researcher specializing in the field of PTSD and Moral Injury.

Again thank you to CPCA ON Regional Director Charlie Swartwood, Peel Region Head Chaplain Curtis Hinds, and York Region Chaplain Captain Greg Bailey for organizing the CPCA ON Region Professional Development Day. Below is a summary from Charlie Swartwood. Please take time to care for yourself and place an even greater priority on selfcare than Member care. I say this because, you can't give away what you don't have.

With respect and admiration,

Chaplain/Constable Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

The words of Chaplain Charlie Swartwood:

"On April 19th at Peel Regional Headquarters, CPCA-ON conducted their

first Professional Development Day for Police Chaplains in Ontario.

The day was well organized thanks to the organizational skills of Chaplains

Curtis Hinds(Peel Regional Police) and Greg Bailey(York Regional Police).

The primary goal of the day was to provide a venue where Ontario

Chaplains could gather & receive training, that would help them Serve

those who Serve us."

"Our host for the day was Curtis, who made sure that the event ran

smoothly, started on time and finished on time-mission accomplished.

We were greeted by Peel’s Chief of Police and other high ranking officers,

all expressing their gratitude to our role as chaplains. They were most

sincere with their words and we were humbled by their demeanor."

"In order of their presentation the following spoke:

Staff Sgt: Michael Lockington

Deputy chief: Mark Dapat

Chief: Nishan Duraiappah

Deputy chief: Marc Andrews"

"I(Charlie Swartwood) CPCA ON Regional Director had the opportunity to bring

greetings and a brief devotional, which helped to set the tone for the day.

There was a time for all of us to introduce ourselves and share briefly about

our Police Chaplaincy journey. This was significant when you consider it

was the first in-person meeting that we have had since our formation."

"The keynote speaker was Eugene Dufour(Trauma Consultant- Death

Notification Trainer) who spoke on the subject of: WALKING WITH

SUFFERING. The information shared was timely and pertinent to what all

our chaplains have faced, will face and may even be facing now.

Our Chaplains left the venue wanting more and they were assured there

would be more."

"The CPCA family will continue to grow and be strengthened as regional

focus becomes more and more of a reality. In the future we would encourage other Provinces and Territories with our CPCA Executive’s endorsement to look for creative ways to train and equip their chaplains."

Respectfully submitted,

Charles Swartwood

CPCA-ON Regional Director

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