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CPCA - ON Region hosts meeting with ON Solicitor General the Hon. Michael Kerzner

Much appreciation to CPCA - ON Region Director Charles Swartwood and YRP Chaplain Capt. Greg Bailey for hosting an informative and interactive Zoom call for the ON police chaplains which featured special guest ON Solicitor General the Honorable Michael Kerzner. It was encouraging to hear the support of His Honor through his expressions of gratitude and appreciation for the service ON police chaplains provide to police communities throughout the province. His Honor expressed the value of chaplains from different faith backgrounds and the importance of unity and acceptance of multi-faith chaplaincy.

One suggestion posed from a CPCA Member was for chaplains to be integrated in Employee Wellness Teams and Peer Support Groups so that when a critical incident occurs, the chaplain will receive notification and have the option of reaching out to those affected, including attendance at Diffusing and Debriefing sessions. His Honor acknowledged the value of the inclusion of chaplains as spiritual caregivers and will further explore the proposal.

On behalf of the CPCA Leadership Team, thank you to the Honorable Michael Kerzner for his presentation to the CPCA - ON Region. Thank you to Capt, Greg Bailey for a well polished interview with His Honor, Director Charlie Swartwood for organizing the event, and Chaplain Aaron Groat for your work behind the scenes. It was a pleasure to see over thirty ON police chaplains online. Thank you for your outstanding service and commitment to serving those who serve with excellence.

Warmest regards,

Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

ICPC Director of Region 1

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