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CPCA members provide training at Ukrainian Academy

In 2019, TPS Chaplain Hillar Alkok and I (BPS Chaplain Bruce Ewanyshyn), travelled to Ukraine and provided training at the inception of the Ukrainian Academy of Chaplains for law enforcement agencies. In February 2022, the invitation to teach was extended a third time to both Hillar and I by the Academy Administrator Pavlo Tsarevskyi, and the Academy Founder Yaroslav Malko. On Feb 10, it was my privilege and honor to address a large class (close to 40) of future police chaplains passionate to serve Patrol Police and National Police in Ukraine. I was blessed by a skilled interpreter from Atlanta, Georgia, namely, Alex Gerasimov, and a gracious host, namely, Pavlo Tsarevskyi. My Chief of Police Wayne Balcaen provided a inspirational greeting which included these words of encouragement; "I thank the very forward thinking individuals who are bringing spirituality through chaplaincy to your officers. We police in extremely difficult and challenging times and must ensure those who chose to take on the roles of peace keepers are also afforded the tools to take care of themselves as they take care of their community. These tools include physical, emotional and spiritual care. You of course can assist with the emotional and are the facilitators for the spiritual care." Below I've attached the entire greeting prepared by Chief Balcaen as it speaks to the weight he places on the importance of spiritual caregiving provided through police chaplains. Proceeding the greetings, I enjoyed a couple of hours sharing from my experiences as a police officer and a police chaplain regarding the subject matter of the "Law Enforcement Family."

On Feb 15, Chaplain Alkok will provide insight to the students regarding "Problems Related to Work, Alcoholism, and Substance Abuse." Hillar is an amazing presenter who blends his wonderful sense of humor with years of applicable examples from his chaplaincy experiences with the Toronto Police Service.

Thank you Chaplain Pavlo and Chaplain Yaroslav for continuing to include presentations by CPCA chaplains to your students at the Ukrainian Academy of Chaplains.

Written message to Ukraine Chaplains from Brandon Police Service Police Chief Wayne Balcae
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