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CPCA Core Course 5 - Ethics & Police Chaplaincy

The CPCA Leadership Team is excited to announce that today is the launch of our fifth CPCA Core Course: "Ethics & Police Chaplaincy." Our commitment to equipping Canadian police chaplains with the highest level of knowledge continues through this opportunity to access our latest online training course. Already available online to advance chaplains towards achieving their Basic Credentials are: "Ceremonies, Events, & Line of Duty Death Funerals," "Spiritual Diversity," "The Role and Value of the Police Chaplain," and "Diversity and Sensitivity in Police Chaplaincy." These four courses have exceptional presenters with years of experience through boots on the ground. The feedback I've received from those who have completed these courses reflect the excellence of presentation and the practicality of the content. In my review of our latest course, "Ethics & Police Chaplaincy," the presentation standard and content, in my opinion, continues to achieve a level of excellence by way of the practical application and explanation of concepts relevant to our daily service to police officers, civilian staff and their families.

"Ethics & Police Chaplaincy" explores some of the most salient areas of ethical behavior of which police chaplains need be aware. It is not intended to be exhaustive in content given the time constraints of this course or dive into an intensive discussion of ethics, but rather a fundamental course on ethical practice and conduct of the police chaplain.

Our presenter Dr. Daniel Saugh has served as a TPS Chaplain for over 10 years, and has a PhD in Human Relationships/Psychology/Psychotherapy and Spiritual Care from Wilfrid Laurier University. He has a MPH in Health Promotion/Education/Behavioral Psychology from Loma Linda University. He has a MSc in Community Health and International Development/NFP Administration from Andrews University. He has a MDiv in Theology/Chaplaincy/Missiology from Andrews University. He has a BHS (Hons) in Kinesiology & Health Sciences/Health Studies from York University. Dr. Saugh has served in Pastoral ministry for 20 years, Military and Police Chaplain for 10 years. He has participated/conducted many community health based programs, working for ADRA Canada as the national program lead including work in emergency, development and psycho-social support. Academically, he has taught as an adjunct professor at Georgian College, Ontario in the Health, Science, and Wellness Faculty for 2 years and an Instructor at York University for the York Institute for Health Research Institute (YIHR). He is a registered psychotherapist in Ontario and has been Director for Counselling Services in Toronto. For more on Dr. Saugh's BIO, check out the link to the course below.

On behalf of the CPCA Executive, I extend gratitude to Dr. Daniel Saugh for the many hours he invested to put together an exceptional training video and course materials. These will serve police chaplains well for years to come. My gratitude also extends to our CPCA Academic Standards Committee Chair Katherine Bourbonniere for continuing to be the organizing and driving force behind each and every online CPCA Core Course. In addition, thanks to Janelle Wallace who has formatted the materials and established course flow so that you may thoroughly enjoy each online course to date.

Upon successful completion of this course, each participant will receive a CPCA Certificate and the course will be recorded by our Registrar towards achieving CPCA Basic Credentials. This Core Course and the previous four online Core Courses are also available to Non CPCA Members. All current CPCA Members receive an automatic 50% discount upon registration for each course.

As a current CPCA Member, to learn more about this course or to enroll, please click on this link

As a Non CPCA Member, to learn more about this course or to enroll, please click on this link:

Thank you for your continued interest and support of the CPCA, and your desire to "serve those who serve with excellence."

Warmest regards,

Chaplain/Constable Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

ICPC Director of Region One

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