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CPCA Chaplain Wendell Gibbs @ National Prayer Breakfast

"Do you see a man skillful and experienced in his work? He will stand [in honor] before kings; He will not stand before obscure men" Proverbs 22:29 (AMP).

By invitation, TPS Chaplain Wendell Gibbs who has served in the trenches in Toronto for decades, spoke and prayed at the 59th National Prayer Breakfast in Ottawa, Canada. Surrounded by dignitaries such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Tory Leader Pierre Poilievre, House Speaker Greg Fergus, and many other notables, CPCA Member Wendell Gibbs shared the truth about his faith in Jesus Christ.

Wendell encouraged everyone to raise one, then two clenched fists representing how we can react to the media and the news and what we see in the world today. Then, in an expression of unity, Wendell encouraged everyone to open their raised clenched fists, lower their open hands, and finally bring their hands together in prayer. Wendell stated, "I want you to now recognize what God wants is for us to open our fists and put them together."

With everyone's hands together in prayer, Wendell sealed this unified action through this statement, "He [God] doesn't want us to blast, He wants us to bless."

TPS Chaplain Gibbs concluded his impactful speech with a prayer for peace, protection, provision, for the Lord's empowerment to serve fellow humans, and for His presence to be felt in homes and on the streets, all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As President of the CPCA, I'm overjoyed to witness our chaplains from several faith backgrounds making an impact upon so many lives through their heart to serve and serve and serve. You serve your faith communities, you serve outside your faith communities, you serve your law enforcement communities, and you come together in unity honoring one another while celebrating our differences through recognition of our common goals. The 2024 National Prayer Breakfast was one example of one chaplain, Wendell Gibbs, walking with uncommon favor with God and man. He has served in the trenches for decades becoming skilled and wise, and now he stands before dignitaries and boldly calls for unity and peace in the name of Jesus Christ. May God receive all the honor and glory as CPCA chaplains serve their way to greatness. When God lifts us up, He does so by His grace so that we do not become proud and fall away. Thank you, God, for what You are doing in and through the lives of CPCA Members.

As seen in the final photo, we need to extend our love and respect to all persons regardless of political, religious, gender, and ethical preferences, and to pray for them from a God loving, God fearing heart.

With much respect,

Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

ICPC Director of Region 1

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Praise God🙏

Thank you Bruce for sharing this amazing testimony of God’s goodness

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