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Congrats to Chaplain Peter Eason on his appointment as the first RCMP North District Chaplain

The CPCA Executive celebrate together with F Division Chaplain/CISM Coordinator Chaplain Tom McCullagh, the appointment of Chaplain Peter Eason as the first RCMP North District Chaplain. Attached is an excerpt from a welcome speech prepared by Chaplain Tom McCullagh which provides some details of Peter and Karen's journey and Peter's many acts of service to RCMP personnel over the past 12 years. On behalf of the CPCA Executive, I express gratitude for your years of volunteer dedication to police officers and I am delighted to hear that chaplaincy in Canada continues to expand with a new position of a North District RCMP Chaplain. All God's best to you Peter as you mentor and guide chaplains and continue to serve police officers within your sphere of influence. CPCA President Bruce Ewanyshyn.

Excerpt from welcome to Chaplain Peter Eason
Download PDF • 235KB

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