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Congrats George - Lead Chaplain for the RCMP

Yesterday, I announced the resignation of our 1st VP George Madden from our CPCA Leadership Team. I shared that Robert Parmenter has stepped into the role of 1st VP and that John Siderius has taken on the role of ATS Liaison. I now have the pleasure of announcing the reason for George vacating the 1st VP position with the CPCA (since it is now official). On behalf of the CPCA Leadership Team, congratulations George on accepting a role as National Lead Chaplain for the RCMP. You will do an outstanding job and have already brought much insight and stability to chaplaincy on a national level.

Here is the explanation from George to our CPCA Members:

"Good morning colleagues and friends in the CPCA and thanks to those of you that have reached out to me in the last few days. With the questions coming I just wanted to bring some clarification as to my stepping down from the Leadership team and not taking my role as the next President of CPCA in October. It was not a light decision for me and came after much consultation with my family and a few close RCMP peers. I am a director for quite a few first responder organizations which take a lot of my volunteer time, all of which I have resigned from in the last week."

"The reason is that I have been asked to take on the National role of lead chaplain for the RCMP. I know that this position has the possibility of taking on a lot more hours as we rewrite policy, etc.etc.etc. for the chaplaincy service and bring consistency across the nation for RCMP chaplaincy. It also has the potential to create a lot more travelling than what I already do, which is a lot. My responsibilities in Alberta are already very engaging as I presently coordinate chaplains serving in over 90 communities and Police detachments, not including RCMP veterans groups."

"In ministry I have always learned to follow my passion and I have such a desire to see the chaplaincy program in the RCMP move forward and become standardized across our nation. At this time in my life more than ever work/home balance is even a bigger priority so after prayer and much discussion I have decided to step away from Leadership of the CPCA.

I am very proud of what we have accomplished as a team under Michaels and Bruces Leadership and thank everyone for the opportunity in allowing me to serve. Hope to see you all in Winnipeg in October."

Cheers George

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