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Complimentary Resources in the Hindu Tradition for Chaplains & Police Officers

I've recently had email contact and a follow-up conversation with a very personable representative of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). Minakshi Dasi is a Placement Coordinator for ISKCON based in Toronto, and has supplied written resources in the Hindu Tradition to hospital chaplains, correction employees, members of the Canadian Armed forces, and others. Minakshi has a heart for police officers and police chaplains and expressed a desire to provide complimentary (including covering shipping costs) Vedic (Hindu Tradition) books to chaplains for their use and also to distribute to police officers. She informed me "that most of our resources are actually appreciated by those of Non-Hindu faith."

Attached you will find a short BIO, explanation of resources, and two testimonies that Minakshi sent me. If you would like to receive these materials at no cost, please contact Minakshi at 888-412-7088 or 416-716-2000 or email her at

BIO of Minakshi Dasi and Resourses through ISKCON
Download PDF • 599KB

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