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Commendation from Ukrainian Academy of Chaplains for Law Enforcement Agencies

In July 2019, Toronto PS Chaplain Hillar Alkok and myself travelled to Ukraine to assist in a training seminar for chaplains and to be ambassadors for chaplaincy while meeting with police officers, church, and community leaders. Hillar had been invited by visionary Yaroslav Malko, and I was invited through Hillar. Since our visit, Yaroslav and Pavlo Tsarevskyi have established the Ukrainian Academy of Chaplains where men and women receive classroom and field training over the duration of four months. They are graded through written and oral examinations and through their performance in the field serving police officers. Hillar and I have been blessed to remain attached to their training in a small way by providing instruction through Zoom.

As a result of our participation, Hillar and I have received a commendation and medal from the Ukrainian Academy of Chaplains. Last week I received congratulations during a formal presentation from Brandon Chief of Police Wayne Balcaen and Deputy Chief Randy Lewis. I am blessed to continue to receive support from my Executive Officers regarding chaplaincy, and I'm appreciative of Yaroslav and Pavlo for all they do to serve police officers in the field while striving to establish the highest form of training to perspective police chaplains.

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