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Chaplains Connect with Muslim police chaplain - Imam Abdul Hai Patel

On June 8th, I had the privilege of interviewing Imam Abdul Hai Patel who currently serves as a police chaplain for York Regional Police. Imam Patel has been an Islamic faith leader for over 52 years and also currently serves as a Muslim Chaplain at the University of Toronto. He is the immediate past President of Canadian Multifaith Federation and their current Vice President. He is the founder of several foundations, and a member of the Interfaith Advisory Committee of the Federal Government Corrections Canada. He is the recipient of the Governor General and Ontario Government's awards for Community Service & Queen's Diamond Jubilee award. We are blessed that he is an active member of the CPCA.

Numerous topics were covered in the recorded hour and a half video below including Imam Patel's journey in the Islamic faith, chaplaincy service within the Toronto PS and York Regional Police, protocol for First Responders attendance at a Mosque, the Five Pillars of Islam, how to make a difference in the lives of police officers, challenging issues facing police chaplains in Ontario and throughout Canada, and the value of being a member of the CPCA (to list a few topics). I appreciate the humility Imam Patel walks in while carrying wisdom bred from decades of service to police officers and communities. Having lived in the Caribbean, he witnessed a unity that can exist amongst spiritual leaders from various faiths, and embraced this perspective adopting it to his personal walk with all humankind. Thank you Imam Patel for sharing some of your knowledge and experiences with our chaplains. I hope our chaplains take the time to watch this video; it's time well spent. Warmest regards - CPCA President Bruce Ewanyshyn.

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