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Chaplains Connect - Interview with Minakshi Dasi of ISKCON

On November 18th, we had the privilege of connecting with the very personable and articulate Minakshi Dasi - Placement Coordinator for ISKCON. Minakshi shared about her culture and traditions regarding the Vedic religion (Hindu tradition). During the 51 minute interview, Minakshi shared valuable insight into a faith that she is very passionate about and lives everyday. She provided examples of how police chaplains can honor or dishonor a police officer of the Hindu tradition. Through ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), Minakshi is offering complimentary resource materials shipped free of charge directly to you. Based in the Toronto Area, Minakshi can be contacted via email at or 1-888-412-7088 or 1-416-716-2000. I hope you enjoy the recorded interview with Minakshi.

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