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Chaplaincy Support for Police Working Big Valley Jamboree

For the past 30 years, the city of Camrose, Alberta has nearly doubled in population each August long weekend. Upwards of 20,000 country music fans have descended on the community annually the for Big Valley Jamboree, requiring special policing assignments to provide safety, security, and law enforcement for the weekend. Months of logistical planning and broad-based agency collaboration make for a great event. In recent years Calgary Police Service members have joined Camrose Police members for the event. (Pictured above are the majority of the August 6 day shift.) Camrose and Calgary Police, RCMP, along with dispatchers, Alberta Sheriffs, BVJ security, and fire and medical first responders provide round the clock public safety services.

Volunteer Camrose Police Chaplain Brian Krushel (kneeling, front left) has spent time with officers each year at Big Valley Jamboree since 2011. His purpose is to offer support, and moreso, just to linger with intent. Life goes on with family and co-workers while members fill their 12-hour shifts. Sometimes just having a chaplain's presence can provide a respite from the oft-demanding rigors of patrolling and interacting with the public.

Each of the years Calgary has sent officers to the event, their members have spoken high praise for Lead Calgary Chaplain, Dr. Miriam Mollering. A high ranking Calgary officer, when asked if he'd had any interactions with Miriam, told of how she had been a vital support for him personally during some recent very stressful calls. "She just did a ride along with me a few weeks ago," he continued. "She's awesome!"

It is an honour to serve those who serve with excellence.

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