Aspiring Next Generation Police Officers

Today was a very special day for me. By invitation, I attended our local college at the outset of an eight-month course that serves as an employment prerequisite for local policing. I am so thankful and appreciative of the person who invited me. It is an incredible honor and privilege to have an opportunity to speak into the lives of young people who are aspiring to serve and protect communities such as Brandon, or others across Canada through the RCMP, OPP, Manitoba First Nations Police, WPS, or wherever their journey may land them. For many of the 17 students, this was their first introduction to police chaplaincy, and to listen to the challenges within the journey of a 32-year policing career - my first 17 years policing without Jesus and now 15 wonderful years with my Savior. Many years ago, I began pondering how beneficial it would have been for me if a veteran police officer would have spoken into my life at the outset of my policing career and shared snippets of their hardships and victories. Thus, I purposed over a decade ago that I would be the person to begin that conversation with the students before I exposed them to any teachings pertaining to the world of police forensics.