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A Solid CPCA Webinar with Presenter Leo Petrilli

On May 8th, twenty-seven CPCA Chaplains - Full and Affiliate Members, and three guests came together for nearly three hours of presentation and interaction. I've hosted three webinars a year for the past three years and this one had the most interaction amongst attendees. The presenter Leo Petrilli, a retired law enforcement/K-9 officer with CBS, opened with a transparent and emotional account of his struggle with addictions throughout his career.

Leo transitioned through a variety of subject matter which provided incite for detection of addictions, stages of change, unpacking pain, and tools to get from Survival State to Executive State. Leo provided the chaplains with examples of how we can apply this knowledge in practical ways as we place ourselves in connection and relationship with law enforcement officers. Several resources were shared, and following the presentation I witnessed Leo offering in person services to assist one of our chaplains who is dealing with an officer with addiction. Networking empowers us as chaplains to offer services beyond our skill sets. The end result is we feel more confident and effective in our calling to serve law enforcement officers and their families with excellence. We are "Stronger Together" not just as a group of chaplains but as members of Employee Wellness Teams and Peer To Peer support groups. Through networking we connect with other resources resulting in the best possible care for those we serve.

The chat room was filled with positive comments reflecting the value of Leo's presentation. Thank you, Leo, for a very informative three hours. Thank you to the 30 plus persons who registered for the webinar. I've emailed the presentation to each one, and our Registrar Dave Field will be emailing CPCA certificates to all who attended.

Please consider enrolling in any of our six Core Courses available online to complete at your leisure. These form 50% of our training requirement towards attain CPCA Basic Credentials. They are available to CPCA Members and non CPCA Members with CPCA Members receiving a 50% discount per course. Here is the link to our online courses for CPCA Members. Here is the link to our online courses for non CPCA Members. Thank you for investing in training through the Canadian Police Chaplain Association. Our next webinar will be in September.

Warmest regards,

Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

ICPC Director of Region 1

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