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2nd Annual CPCA-ON Region Professional Development Day

At our 2023 Annual General Meeting in Winnipeg, our valued CPCA Members approved a Constitution revision that allowed for the official establishment of CPCA Regions and Regional Directors across Canada. The purpose of Regions is to enhance contact between members within each Region to our National Leadership Team, which includes Regional Directors. Who better to provide insight to the CPCA Executive than Directors who are functioning within a specific area. As CPCA President, I acknowledge that a strategy for training/connection that may work in one region may not work in another. I do not want any of our chaplains to feel isolated; demographics and diversity of faith groups can present certain challenges and chaplains need to feel connected especially to those who are experiencing common hurdles. Hence, the need for Regional Directors to oversee operations within their sphere of influence.

Since the 2023 AGM, the CPCA Executive has appointed five Regional Directors: Bill Ashbee CPCA-BC Region, Tom McCullagh CPCA-SK Region, John Siderius CPCA-MB Region, Charles Swartwood CPCA-ON Region, and Dave Sutherland CPCA-ATL Region. I am searching for CPCA Members in good standing who sense the call of regional leadership on their lives to step in to fill the positions in our remaining provinces/territories: Alberta, Quebec, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. If you are interested in becoming part of our CPCA National Leadership Team to provide connection to chaplains within one of these regions, please send me an email at

The forerunner who first established the value of regional leadership within the CPCA is Charles Swartwood. Charlie pioneered the way to establishing the CPCA-ON Region three years before it became official through our Constitution. His passion to connect police chaplains within Ontario was unprecedented and was demonstrated in various ways including the first Professional Development Day in May 2023. It was a success due to Charlie's vision and connections, and his combined efforts with Capt. Greg Bailey. Greg shared a major role of organizing the event and providing speakers/topics relevant to Ontario chaplains.

It's my pleasure to provide a report to our CPCA Members from the 2nd Annual Professional Development Day hosted by the York Regional Police on May 16, 2024. Once again, CPCA Regional Director Charles Swartwood and Captain Greg Bailey YRP played major roles in organizing and hosting the event. In addition, Chaplain Herbie Kuhn chimed in gracing those in attendance with his host giftings. What I'm sharing with you comes from reports I received from both Herbie and Charlie. Thank you both for your recap and photos.

The CPCA-ON Professional Development Day was attended by over 20 police chaplains from Peel, Niagara, Toronto, London, Stratford, Windsor, and the OPP police agencies. The morning commenced with greetings from YRP's Top Brass which was welcoming and affirming. Their understanding and appreciation for the role and value of police chaplains was quite validating (D/Chief's Cecile Hammond and Kevin McClosky, and Dr. Kyle Handley of the YRP Wellness Bureau).

Chaplains in attendance were honored to hear a pre-recorded message from SOG Hon. Michael Kerzhner. His message confirmed his support and recognition of who Chaplains are and the value of their roles within Ontario Police Services.

The two presenters for the day were YRP PC Brett Sameroff and RCMP/London Police Service Chaplain Imam Abd' Alfatah Twakkal. PC Sameroff courageously shared his challenges through a journey with PTSD. Imam Twakkal shared a brilliant message on "Enhancing Our Chaplaincy: Developing Connections with Others Through Understanding Emotional Intelligence."

The two main objectives for Professional Development Days are equipping and connecting. Regional training days bring chaplains together who are experiencing challenges within their geographical area to strategize and encourage each other. Afterall, we are stronger together. These are the words CPCA Regional Director Charles Swartwood shared in his email: "This 2nd PD Day went above and beyond meeting our objective standards. If you want to be a Good Chaplain, you need to connect and that we did on May 16th ... The CPCA-ON continues to learn and advance the much needed cause of Police Chaplaincy in Ontario and our Country.

On behalf of the CPCA Executive, I offer our appreciation to Charlie, Greg, and Herbie and their team for organizing and hosting another value packed Professional Development Day. Charlie shares that plans are in motion for TPS to host the 2025 PD Day and NRP to host the 2026 PD Day. The CPCA-ON Professional Development Day is one example of how regionalization of the CPCA can benefit our amazing CPCA Members. I also extend my gratitude to all who attended the training day (see top group photo); without your interest, there would be no PD Day. Below is a photo of YRP Chaplains present: Rabbi Cory Weiss, Captain Greg Bailey, Imam Imtiaz Ahmed & Chaplain Herbie Kuhn.

If you feel inspired by this account, reside within a region without a RD, are a CPCA Member in Good Standing, and feel Regional Directorship may be a good fit, please consider reaching out to me at The CPCA needs your leadership gifts and vision to help connect chaplains within your area.

Warmest regards,

BPS Honorary Chaplain Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

ICPC Director of Region 1

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