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1st CPCA Webinar a Success

A big thank you to all of our CPCA Members who participated in the May 12th presentation "Introduction to Grief Following Trauma." From the responses I've received, I believe every attendee was enriched through the instruction provided by Edmonton PS Chaplain Roy Langer. In my opinion, Roy brought theory to life through his many examples based upon his life experiences. One of the attending chaplains, Elizabeth Melvin who serves RCMP officers in the Morinville Detachment, sent me this email that I feel really hit the mark: “It is rare to have the privilege of attending a training session that comes from the heart, combined with head knowledge. It felt like a learning conversation that I can/will apply to my roles as a Chaplain and VSU.”

In addition, I'd like to thank the four chaplains who joined us who are not CPCA Members. Thank you for investing in CPCA training. CPCA Members received a 50% discount off the course cost; there are benefits to membership. A 37-page handout was emailed to each participant which will serve as valuable reference material for years to come. A CPCA Certificate of Attendance has been emailed to each participant (see photo below), courtesy of our CPCA Registrar Brian Krushel; thank you Brian! A thank you also goes out to our CPCA 1st VP George Madden for making the connection with Roy; such a good choice for our first webinar!

Due to the interest (25 participants), plans are in the works for the next webinar. The goal of the CPCA is to continue to provide on-line training opportunities to our valued members in a variety of formats. If you haven't taken either of our on-line core courses: "Ceremonies, Events, & Line of Duty Death Funerals", and "Spiritual Diversity," consider investing in this training opportunity today. The courses can be completed at your own pace and begins simply by clicking on this link. Unlike our webinars, our on-line training courses count towards Basic Certification, and therefore, are available exclusively to CPCA Members.

On behalf of the CPCA Leadership Team, I thank you for your continued participation and support of your CPCA. We exist to provide police chaplains with connection and enrichment opportunities. If you are not a CPCA Member, consider joining our national family of police chaplains; begin your application process here. New first time CPCA Members will receive a welcome gift package as a show of our appreciation for joining our Association.

Warmest regards

Chaplain/Constable Bruce Ewanyshyn

CPCA President

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