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Online CPCA Merchandise Store - NOW OPEN

Part of my vision when designing our new CPCA website in 2021 was to eventually provide quality CPCA items to our family of chaplains who could wear them or display them with distinction. I'm excited to announce that 14 months following our launch of the CPCA website, your new online CPCA Merchandise Store is now open for "CPCA Members Only." All items are high quality which is not reflected through the low purchase prices. We value our members and are not looking to make a profitable return; we are interested in promoting professionalism and a sense of belonging to something special - a national association of police chaplains. Thus, prices are minimal and we are offering a flat shipping rate of only $10.00/order coast to coast.

Our CPCA 1st Vice President George Madden and our 2nd Vice President Robert Parmenter have been instrumental in designing and acquiring the five items currently for sale. The beautifully minted CPCA Challenge Coin was George's project and looks amazing. Consider purchasing these coins to share with the special police officers in your life. The clothing was acquired by Robert who in addition serves as our Store Manager and will be looking after all stock and fulfilling your shipping needs. This is a team approach and I'm very thankful to be able to serve on a Leadership Team comprised of men and women of distinction.

I hope that the sales of these five items is just the beginning. If you as members show an interest to acquire CPCA merchandise, further items will be developed and made available (open to your suggestions for future items). Professionalism in appearance and equipment undergirds the police culture we walk in; therefore, it speaks volumes when we as chaplains can display that we are part of a national association that promotes training and connection. Since 2015, I've been excited to be part of the CPCA and now I will have items which can spark conversations in regards to the national standards we adhere to as police chaplains "serving those who serve with excellence." Here is a link to our online CPCA Merchandise Store.

Warmest regards

Bruce Ewanyshyn - CPCA President

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