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Celebrating our CPCA 1st VP - George Madden

It is a privilege to share with you that on Jan 25th, 2023, our CPCA 1st Vice President George Madden was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee Medal during a service held in Cochrane, AB. I was not in attendance; however, I was informed by our CPCA Registrar Hillar Alkok that not only did George Madden (RCMP "K" Division Chaplain Coordinator) receive a medal, he also had the honor of providing opening comments and a prayer.

Yesterday in Cochrane, the RCMP awarded 140 medals to employees across the province. Chaplain Madden was presented the award by the Alberta Lieutenant Governor General and the RCMP Deputy Commissioner (as seen in the photo above). Our fellow chaplain George was awarded his medal for outstanding service to the RCMP members, employees and their families.

George has accomplished much since stepping into the position as the RCMP "K" Division Chaplain Coordinator including tripling the number of women and men providing member care while serving as chaplains throughout Alberta RCMP detachments. He has placed chaplains in many detachments who had no spiritual caregivers by selecting men and women who are reliable, relatable, and relevant in their acts of service. Foremost to George with chaplaincy is Member Care, and he leads by example. I witnessed this as fact when I attended the RCMP Detachment in Airdrie in 2022 and saw and heard the respect RCMP officers and employees demonstrated towards George. Over a short period of four years, George has invested countless hours in developing meaningful personal relationships with the police officers, employees and their families; he has earned their respect and trust.

Congratulations Chaplain George Madden on receipt of your Jubilee medal. I will echo the sentiments of the RCMP officers and employees whom you serve when I say that it is a privilege to serve alongside you, albeit in a different capacity as Executive Officers on the Leadership Team of the Canadian Police Chaplain Association. Thank you, George, for your outstanding service to those who serve with excellence.

Warmest regards,

Bruce Ewanyshyn - BPS Constable & Chaplain

CPCA President

ICPC Director Region 1

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Congratulations George, a well deserved recognition for all the good work you do in support of RCMP members. You are a blessing to the Force.

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