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Congratulations Toronto PS Chaplain Hillar Alkok

On behalf of the CPCA Executive and the Academic Standards Committee, I extend congratulations to Toronto PS Chaplain Hillar Alkok for successful completion of the CPCA Basic Certification program. Chaplain Alkok enrolled in our first online CPCA training course, "Ceremonies, Events, & Line of Duty Death Funerals" facilitated by Dr. Miriam Mollering, and as a result of successful completion, Chaplain Alkok has completed the minimum twelve key courses to achieve Basic Certification for police chaplaincy in Canada. Through his faithful attendance at Annual Training Seminars, Hillar had achieved completion of 11 of the 12 minimum courses for Basic Certification. Through the availability of the online course launched only two months ago, Hillar did not have to wait for our 2022 ATS in Niagara Falls to attain his Basic Certification.

We encourage our CPCA members who have not completed the "Ceremonies, Events, & Line of Duty Death Funerals" course to enroll in this online training opportunity. The cost is only $40.00/member and upon successful completion you will receive an individual certificate of course completion from the CPCA. It will be recorded by our Registrar and added to your training records. The CPCA Academic Standards Committee is diligently working on the next online training course, "The Role of the Chaplain," which we hope to have available for release within the next couple months. The goal of the CPCA is to provide the best training possible to our members to equip you for greater effectiveness and professionalism when dealing with your policing community. As a police officer serving in my 32nd year, my list of training courses is extensive as a result of serving a police service which values education and the necessity of adequately equipping their officers to respond to dynamic situations. At the CPCA, we pride ourselves on "serving those who serve with excellence," and thus we strive to prepare our chaplains with the tools they need to accel in their service to the exceptional men and women who make up their police communities. Please check out this link to our first online course CPCA TRAINING COURSES | CPCA (

Our congratulations to Toronto PS Chaplain Hillar Alkok for your desire to serve your policing community with excellence! As one who completed the CPCA Basic Certification in 2019, I share in a sense of accomplishment with my peer and friend Hillar.

- CPCA President Bruce Ewanyshyn

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