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Ceremonies, Events, & Line of Duty Death Funerals

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Presented by: Dr. Miriam Möllering The role of Chaplains in serving our Law Enforcement agencies is one of ‘holding space’ in responding and supporting our members during times of celebration as well as during times of death. This course will provide an orientation into the planning and execution of meaningful ceremonies, events and LODD. Chaplains will develop an awareness and learn basic skills that are essential for effective ministry in an inclusive and diversified culture. Learning Objectives: After completing course one, learners will be able to: 1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the role of a Chaplain in providing meaningful and sensitive services. 2. Create appropriate homilies, prayers, meditations, and blessings. 3. Develop a service outline within the protocols of your local agency. 4. Synthesize course material and personal experience to construct a personal style and philosophy as a Chaplain in law enforcement settings. 5. Evaluate their attitudes and behaviors related to the expression of ministry to others, whatever their faith tradition, gender identity, and culture, while maintaining the integrity of their own faith and beliefs.

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