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Grief Following Trauma - CPCA Webinar May 12

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The CPCA Leadership Team is pleased to announce our Spring training online event taking place on May 12th; namely, "An Introduction to Grief Following Trauma." CPCA 1st Vice President George Madden has organized this training opportunity which will feature presenter Edmonton PS Chaplain Roy LANGER. Roy is an Instructor through International Critical Incident Stress Foundation & Institute of Compassionate Care where he instructs eight courses including Grief Following Trauma. I have attached the BIO of Chaplain Roy Langer. There is a fee for attending this online course with a 50% discount applicable to current 2022 CPCA Members.

To register for this event, click on this link, or go to the Events page of our CPCA Website. Attendance at this webinar will result in a CPCA Certificate of Completion, and it will be recorded in your CPCA training record. I'm looking forward to seeing many of our CPCA chaplains at this event.

Warmest regards

Bruce Ewanyshyn - CPCA President

Course Description:

In the course of one’s career, it is inevitable that professionals will encounter traumatic death and loss issues both personally and professionally. Professionals often feel ill prepared to provide effective care throughout the grief process. This Workshop will cover key grief and loss concepts relating to trauma and traumatic death. Participants will increase their knowledge of how trauma impacts the grief process and will gain skills for evaluating and supporting persons who have experienced traumatic death and loss. This course is designed for anyone who works with people who experience grief and loss following a traumatic event.

Program Highlights

• Characteristics of trauma

• Clinical implications of grief

• Primary needs of victims

• What helps and what hurts

• Types of traumatic events

• Traumatic grief and grief reactions

• Death notification

• Applications of the SAFER model

• Supporting grieving people

• Personal self-care plan

Upon completion, CPCA members will receive a CPCA Certificate from our CPCA Registrar. In addition, the CPCA member will receive 1 credit on their training record in the area of Police Community & Family.

BIO of Chaplain Roy Langer
Download PDF • 69KB

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